Thank you for taking the No Litter Pledge. You can download this pledge certificate to share and encourage others. Be sure to sign and date your certificate.

Got here without taking the pledge? No problem, you can still take it and join us in one step towards living litter free. 

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Thank you for considering to take the no litter pledge. You will not be contacted by submitting this form. This is an honor-based form indicating you have taken a stand against littering. You are joining thousands of people who have taken similar steps to reduce litter all over the world.

I take a pledge not to litter. I will dispose of all litter under my control in the correct way. I will make sure that litter, trash or any materials for disposal end up in their proper bin or receptacle.


I pledge to not litter on my property, lawn, boulevard or anywhere I go. I will remove litter from my private property right away because I understand the beauty in a litter free environment.

I pledge to talk about my commitment to keeping our communities clean and beautiful. I will share this pledge.


Thank you for helping to keep our communities clean. Feel free to sign up and leave a comment. Leaving a comment is optional and not part of taking the pledge. Approved comments will be displayed on the pledge page in the future.