Clean And Beautiful Cleveland Block2Block

A Litter Reduction and Beautification Project

We are a community advocacy team of concerned citizens with a desire to make a difference. One of our goals is to shift thinking from litter cleanup into litter prevention. This happens through education and working together. Join us and take the no litter pledge today

Thank you to all the volunteers, business owners, city workers, partners and sponsors who supported our June 8th beautify project. We could not have done it without you. 



  • People
  • Environment
  • Economy

Our Why

Eliminate Litter
Work Together
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Many of our Cleveland neighborhoods, as well as others, are littered and trash strewn, which negatively impacts mental health, property values, business investment, community pride and environmental health. 

We want to uplift people and their neighborhoods as well as cleanup the environment!

Creating Partnerships

Together, we can make a difference!

We envision communities joined together in litter reduction throughout each neighborhood. With a litter free mindset with beautification of the region is visible throughout. Supporting clean waterways with our ecosystems are healthy and thriving.

Strategic Partnerships

Schools, Faith Community

Business Community

Grassroots Community Groups

Environmental Groups

Colleges and Universities

Weed and Mulch

Our team to date has successfully worked in the Mt Pleasant area with sponsors, partnerships and volunteers to reduce litter and help beautify over 150 planters along the kinsman corridor between East 154th to131st. 

We continue to work with the city to support and sustain the work that was done during the spring and summer month. You can find more details about the project here. 

Clean and Beautiful Cleveland Successes

Our team is committed to the success of the litter reduction and beautification project.

Our Mission
Launch a unified region-wide litter reduction and beautification initiative led by key stakeholders who create a united anti-litter campaign that changes people’s behavior such that people stop littering and communities plant numerous trees and flowers throughout the region. In order to support this effort, we plan to start by implementing litter reduction and beautification courses in each Cleveland Metropolitan School District school to engage, inspire and empower our young students to care for the environment and foster pride for decades to come
Our Vision
Our Vision We envision a region significantly free of litter. People no longer litter. They dispose of it properly. A region where there is an abundance of beautiful flowers and trees that are visible throughout the region. Waterways are clean and our ecosystems are healthy and thriving!

Our Team

We are a community advocacy team


Take The No Litter Pledge Today

You can support through your everyday actions by deciding not to litter and encourage others in your neighborhood. 

Clean and Beautiful Block2Block pledge
Clean and Beautiful Cleveland Block2Block
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Thank you for considering to take the no litter pledge. You will not be contacted by submitting this form. This is an honor-based form indicating you have taken a stand against littering. You are joining thousands of people who have taken similar steps to reduce litter all over the world.

I take a pledge not to litter. I will dispose of all litter under my control in the correct way. I will make sure that litter, trash or any materials for disposal end up in their proper bin or receptacle.


I pledge to not litter on my property, lawn, boulevard or anywhere I go. I will remove litter from my private property right away because I understand the beauty in a litter free environment.

I pledge to talk about my commitment to keeping our communities clean and beautiful. I will share this pledge.

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