Currently there are no volunteer scheduled events

Our team works to support community events to teach about the positive impact of living in litter free communities. We also come out to help community groups and leaders working to make a difference. 

Visit our booth at the Clean Water Festival

Clean Water Fest
Clean Water Festival

Our most recent event was on June 3rd and was a huge success!

There were over 160 planters that spanned from East 154th to East 130th on Kinsman. On June 3rd our team with the support of many volunteers (40) came out to till, clean, plant and mulch. We have been able to landscape all 160 planters since the initial planting date! Some have even been re-addressed with the help of some city workers to maintain and sustain the project work. 

Clean and Beautiful Block2Block
Clean and Beautiful Cleveland planters along kinsman

Stay connected for upcoming events. 

Here’s how you can help. 

Take the "NO LITTER PLEDGE" and share it with others

Clean and Beautiful Block2Block pledge

Can you commit to a litter free lifestyle? It’s not hard to do. Simply dispose of litter properly. Take the next step and tell others about your commitment and encourage them to do the same. We have an online personal pledge you can sign and commit to living litter free.